We source food from within the community and only sell to local 

businesses in an effort to keep business local and familiar. 

We shop where you shop, sourcing food daily and preparing your food the day you pick up. This eliminates your food sitting prior to your pick up and ensures you receive the freshness you would get if you prepped your food at home. 

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From our CEO

"Our goal isn't to mass produce, it simply takes the personalization out of the experience. My vision for Proper Prep is to provide a high end experience, and if that requires a smaller customer base, then Im comfortable with that. I will not sacrifice customer service for profit.

We have established strategic partnerships in an effort to be completely transparent with our clients. We have great relationships with local butchers and grocers. We want to know who is cutting our meat, who we are getting our products from. 

We were the first meal prep company that inked a trademark agreement with Feast Mode Flavors (www.feastmodeflavors.com). Feast Mode is the only seasoning company that provides clean, low sodium seasonings without sacrificing flavor. We exclusively use their products in the majority of our recipes."

- Bo CEO/President

Feastmode/Nutrishop joint event


Food Only

Homestyle Meal Prep


***Due to unforeseen circumstances the next available delivery day is Feb 24. We are terribly sorry for any inconvinience.***

Chicken Breast

Transparent Sourcing

Clean Eating

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