Bo Corley

“I weighed 460 at my heaviest. A few years ago I flew home to Cleveland to surprise my Mom on Mother’s Day and was inspired by her weight loss. When I got back to Texas I began my journey, finding that exercise wasn’t the difficult part, it was my eating. I always loved to cook, at the age of 9 I would watch Emeril reruns and go downstairs and yell BAM! using every last grocery in the house lol. (My parents never complained they just let me do me and to this day I am forever grateful for my Mom and Dad and them always letting me spread my wings). I tried endless diets, meals plans, meal prep companies, only to end up in frustration as I either didn’t have the time to cook properly or simply didn’t enjoy the food I was eating. EVERY day was a fight, today it still is as I focus on keeping the weight off and maintaining healthy/clean eating. My journey forced me to dive into the science of cooking, using creative methods to remain clean but enhance flavor, making clean eating enjoyable. It ain’t the results are worth it. When my customers buy a meal plan, a meal at @nutrishop_fortworth, or grab a meal at a pop up, I want them to know I truly understand the fight. Whether your trying to lose weight, keep it off, bulk up, or just want to eat cleaner I understand the challenges that come along with it and the fight, because I’m in it with you. Preppin ain’t easy, but I have your back” 

Chicken Breast